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Blur an area of the screen with just 1 line of code!

Open HTML5 demo in full screen (button in bottom right). Left/Right = Change example. P: Pause.


  • Cross-platform (tested on Windows, MacOS, HTML5, Android and iOS);
  • High performance and quality (the most for GMS 2);
  • 9 blur functions;
  • 4 extra functions;
  • Uses shaders (OpenGL ES);
  • Doesn't need to disable application_surface;
  • No memory leak;
  • YYC, VM and x64 Fully compatible;
  • Draw blurred areas in the room position or in the GUI (can be fullscreen too);
  • Change color and alpha;
  • Blur effect can be created with just 1 object or multiple ones;
  • Real-time dinamic and static blur (you can blur sprites or surfaces);
  • Use 1 id (or more) to draw multiple areas at the same time;
  • Blur amount goes from 0 to 1;
  • Very easy to use;
  • Flexible and modular;
  • No problems with positioning;
  • Compact functions;
  • Organized and well commented code;
  • Two example rooms and 6 code examples;
  • Pause Menu with animated blurred background;
  • No naming conflicts, files start with "__blur";
  • Example folder separated from the Blur folder.


  • Noise blur.

All support is available.



Create Event:

blur_area_id = blur_area_create();

Draw Event:

blur_area_draw(blur_area_id, application_surface, gui_mouse_x, gui_mouse_y, width, height, 0, 0, false, blur_amount);

I used the same script in my Utiki program (It's darker because there's a black overlay on top):

According to tests, it fared faster than Kawase (nothing personal):

Picture 1: 1926 FPS [Kawase]   |   Picture 2: 6289 FPS. Picture 3: 6369 FPS. [Foxey Blur].


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This blur has over the double the perfomance compared to the GMS newly implemented "Filters and Effects" blur filter, it's also MUCH more versatile, can be applied to single object or an area or fullscreen. Super easy to implement and control!

Thank you for saving me so much trouble! What a great release!


Thank you enormously for the words, I'm very happy that you liked it! :D


This asset is awesome. 

Example of where I used it on my app: 

Thank you! Very cool how you used it, I liked the ogre!