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A downloadable Transitions Pro for Windows and Android

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Also available on: YoYo Games Marketplace.


  • 42 Transitions!
    • 38 shader transitions;
    • 4 sequence transitions;
    • 1 GML transition;
  • Every possible parameter is editable;
  • Customize color, speed and amoung others;
  • Retro transitions (dither 8x8 + 16x16) + HD transitions;
  • Supports any screen resolution (pixel-art + HD, automatic or easily customizable) with aspect ratio;
  • Supports split-screen/multi-view;
  • Easy to create new transitions animations (unlimited);
  • Modular, easy to use and understand (only 1 function to create the transition!);
  • Useful for room transitions or/and screen transitions;
  • Fast performance & optimized for Mobile;
  • Includes views and cameras setup code (4 split-screen + 2 split-screen + normal view) + smooth movement;
  • Transition can be drawn on: GUI, GUI Begin or GUI End (change via optional function parameter);
  • Includes 5 useful extra functions:
    • Script that translates room position to GUI and vice versa (supports zoom and angle);
    • point_direction_radians() -> returns direction in 0 and 1;
    • fps_average -> Average FPS Real value;
    • choose_array() -> Pick random value from array;
    • print() -> Multi-argument debug message;
    • tween() -> Easy ease and tweening;
  • Includes 2 examples with 4 test levels;
  • Includes a sample RPG game with door system (player movement, animation, level positioning);
  • Includes a split-screen room with everything ready (all created using GML);
  • Transitions can be combined (e.g: Fade + Zoom);
  • Set a custom shader in the sequence transition render with 1 line of code!;
  • Single and Two-Pass (In and Out together) animation;
  • Animation In and Out with only one animation (no duplicating sequences or shaders);
  • Run a function at the end of the animation.
  • No setup or room_init needed! Just import the asset folder on your project and use it!
  • After transition created, you can pause the transition, change progress, speed and other properties if you want.
  • Uses easing and tweening in the animation progress (with animation curves);
  • Asynchronous mode;
  • Use it everywhere, in realtime, even in the Step Event;
  • Complete documentation for better understanding each thing!
  • GML most-used programming style and very organized code
  • Free updates after buying (read EULA).


  • Important: You must have views enabled (this assets has everything ready);
  • 3D and 2D pipeline compatible;
  • No issues with alpha blending!;
  • Compatible with other image effects (like post-processing in app surf);
  • No need to disable application_surface. It is possible to configure the transition to get a custom view surface however.
  • Transition progress goes from 0 to 1;
  • Two-pass transitions shaders freezes the screen, single-pass not;
  • Uses GLSL ES (default);
  • YYC, VM and x64 fully compatible!
  • Works on all platforms *
    • Tested on: Windows, OperaGX, HTML5 and Android (YYC/VM x86 and x64).
    • On HTML5, sequences transitions has a small blink sometimes due to a problem in Javascript runner itself.
    • On Opera GX, sequences works perfectly, but shaders has a small blink (come on YYG xD).
    • (These things might be fixed in the future. All other platforms works normally).

How many hours do you spend programming a transition system? Don't waste your valuable time, get "Foxey Transitions Pro" with everything ready for a fair price!

Disclaimer: "Super Mario" logo is not included. Name and logo belong to Nintendo.

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Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorFoxy Of Jungle
GenrePlatformer, Role Playing
Tags2D, 8-Bit, dither, GameMaker, gms-2, Pixel Art, Shaders, transitions


Get this Transitions Pro and 6 more for $71.02 USD
View bundle
Buy Now
On Sale!
21% Off
$14.99 $11.84 USD or more

In order to download this Transitions Pro you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $11.84 USD. You will get access to the following files:

FoxeyTransitions_v1.1.yyz 8 MB
FoxeyTransitions_v1.1.yymps 534 kB

Download demo

FoxeyTransitions_v1.1_x64 [DEMO].zip 6 MB
FoxeyTransitions_v1.1 [DEMO].apk 21 MB
Manual - Foxey Transitions Pro.pdf 368 kB

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