Lemmings, but made with only 1 object in GameMaker Studio 2.

Game made in two days for "1 object, sprite, room..." Game Jam.

Programmer: FoxyOfJungle.

Left Mouse: Paint | Right Mouse: Erase.

Disclaimer: The Lemming sprite is not the original, it's just a lookalike.  You can get it on GitHub

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AuthorFoxy Of Jungle
GenreAdventure, Platformer
Made withGameMaker


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I am trying to run the game but I only see a black blank screen.

Try reloading the page. What is your browser? I'm running on Chrome and it works.


I’m running Firefox. I will try Chrome.


This gives me vibes of my childhood thank you! "Lots of Lemmings falling down, falling down, falling down, lots of lemmings falling down my fair maiden" :D very peaceful :D

Lemmings is really cool and nostalgic!