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✅ This compact library lets you render particles and other visual effects without affecting the game's pixel artwork.

👀 Why you need it? Below you can compare:

Without HDR:

Notice how little control there is over where some visual effects, such as Bloom, appear in the game's art, creating unwanted visuals, mainly on high saturated graphics.

With HDR:


  • Vibrant particles/vfx without affecting your game art - Useful Bloom/Glow, Godrays;
  • Supports multiple views (in any position and size) - Example: singleplayer, multiplayer/split-screen;
  • This asset clones the application_surface (or your own), which means you don't have to worry about resolution;
  • Does not influence the GUI event in any way;
  • Efficient/high performance;
  • Works with "Keep Aspect Ratio" and "Full scale" graphics option;
  • Works with layers/backgrounds and anything you wish to glow;
  • You don't need to configure, just import it into the project and you will have HDR mode;
  • Compatible with my other assets;
  • Example included, with emissive particles and multiple views;
  • 3 particle assets included;
  • Tutorial written in text about every detail about how it works;
  • Dedicated Discord server for support (feel free to ask questions! :D);


  • It should work on all platforms as it uses pure GML code. Except HTML5.
  • The asset requires at least 1 view with 1 associated camera to render;
  • Recommended for 2D games.
  • Please note: This asset has no influence with Windows HDR or your monitor, it only renders inside the window.

Note: Illustrative images, the project does not come with Bloom and Godrays! It is part of the Post-Processing FX, which is compatible with this library.

By purchasing, you agree that you may not resell or redistribute the source code in any way (ex: GitHub and Marketplace). The compiled product can be used commercially in any game or software.


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. You will get access to the following files:

HDRMode_v1.1.yymps 16 kB
HDRMode_v1.1_Example.yyz 66 kB
HDRMode_v1.0.yyz 63 kB
HDRMode_v1.0.yymps 16 kB

Download demo

License.txt 10 kB

Development log


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does Post-Processing FX come with this? i feel like it should be included but that's just me 

(1 edit)

No, and it should not, sorry. There is a big problem with libraries out there, which is the attempt to do "everything in one", making the asset full of things that not everyone will use, a mess. Post-Processing FX only needs this for Bloom and Sunshafts (it's optional), and only for 2D games, so it is not included. 3D games can have the HDR surface. This asset exists because GM does not yet support it natively :)

Furthermore, this asset can be used in other things besides PPFX as well, although compatible, they are independent

so i have PPFX, if i want my pixel art to render correctly with effects I would have to get this as well,  correct?

Render correctly is broad, it depends on what you're referring to; this asset allows you to render the game in HDR, allowing you to define exactly which objects will glow like Bloom and Sunshafts, without affect other pixels, so this would be very useful for this


I see, thanks.

(1 edit)

I am a bit confused about this, does this include the bloom effect or is it for your own bloom effect to look better? Also could i apply it to objects/my whole screen?

(2 edits)

The purpose of the library is to render the effects in a way that doesn't harm the pixels directly (like in the example images), so it is necessary to have the Bloom effect separately in fact, which is not included. This library is not something you apply to objects, but the whole screen (this done automatically). So yes, it is a facilitator, which can be used with Post-Processing FX, for example.


good library for my projects

Thanks a lot :D


Ⅰ've been waiting! Thank you for releasing this library

I'm glad you liked it! Thank you for commenting and purchasing ;)

If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask :)