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Shockwave Distortion Script

Works on Game Maker Studio 1.4 (2.0 up needs changes)

High performance Shockwave effects! Create nice effects with only 3 simple but functional scripts!

Successfully tested on these platforms: Android, HTML5, Windows, UWP, Mac OS, iOS, Ubuntu(Linux), Windows 8. (Should work on all platforms)

All scripts:


Easy? no?

Just put it on your player's camera.

Ingame example:

How it works:

This distortion looks familiar..

Although it still works, this asset will not receive future updates because it only works correctly in Game Maker Studio 1, in version 2 it will need modifications.


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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I have another question, this one is kind of important.

What's the license on this asset?

Use it for any purpose, giving credits is optional :)
Sorry for forgetting to include a license, at the time I was not so experienced with these things XD

(1 edit)

Does that include sharing it (privately) after it's been purchased, due to it having been discontinued?

This specific asset yes, but if you want to support me, I suggest you recommend that your friends buy my assets.

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Can this effect be set up to "bounce" off of surfaces, to only effect certain layers, and/or to use clipping masks?

Also, how do you configure the propagation speed and distortion 


Yes, but you will have to modify some parts of the code, however there is no further support from the developer and you will not receive any more updates. But in the end it still works in Game Maker Studio 1, in version 2 you will have to modify some things.