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Please note: This bloom is rendered completely on the GPU, if you want a HIGH performance and quality bloom use this one:


HDR Bloom shader for GameMaker 2022+:

Make your game brighter! This shader takes the light colors and generates an automatic glow effect.


  • Bloom:
    • HDR compatible;
    • Change bloom threshold;
    • Change bloom color;
    • Change bloom intensity;
    • Change blur radius;
    • Burst effect for vivid strong colors;
  • Dirt lens:
    • HDR compatible;
    • Lens dirt mask;
    • Change intensity;
  • Shader:
    • Works on all platforms (Including HTML5 and Android);
    • Customizable bloom quality (for better Android performance);
    • Automatic quality configuration according to the platform;
    • Can be applied to surfaces (like app surf) or sprites (RGBA);
    • Single-pass shader, without using any surfaces;
    • Can be merged with other shaders;
  • Performance:
    • 500 FPS on Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 (Android)
    • 12.000 FPS on PC, GTX 1050 TI. GPU Utilization:
      • Low: 5%;
      • Medium: 27%;
      • Very High: 41%;
    • IMPORTANT: A new high-performance and quality version of Bloom is on the way!
  • Source project ready-to-use.

Technical support available.

By purchasing, you agree that you may not resell or redistribute the source code in any way (ex: GitHub and Marketplace). The shader can be used commercially in any game or software.

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Buy Now$9.95 USD or more

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Is this shader compatible with glsl version 120?

Hello! The shader was made to work on GLSL ES 1.0 (the current GameMaker default), so it should work on newer versions of GLSL ES. Please note that this Bloom is an old attempt at glowing. If you want a high-quality, high-performance effect, check out Post-Processing FX.

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Can you explain what each setting does?

Hey! I had replied to you in the forum a few days ago.

the layers of my room completely disappears during testing after i've applied the shaders x_x

oh- i realized it zooms into the upper left corner


So did you find out what the problem was? Need some more help?

nope i never figured it out :'(( it displays the room normally but then zooms into the upper left corner after a second

Did you do the same as in the example? Talk with me on Discord: FoxyOfJungle#0167


I've sent you a friend request!

Already got this great shader! Was hoping for some documentation on the options and tips to not cause performance problems. Thanks

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Performance changes depending on the platform used, but you can manually change it in the shader. Open it and modify the OS_GLOBAL_QUALITY option (in fragment side), the smaller, the lighter. Due to the fact that the effect generates multiple samples, so this variable affects the look and performance of the bloom.


Looks good.  How easy would it be to implement into an existing project?


Super easy. There is an object demonstrating how to implement it, basically you will need a persistent object that will apply the shader to the application_surface (game screen). You don't need to understand the shader language, just do it as in the example in GML. Thanks! :D


If you want, you can even drag the object into your game. Just make sure it is in the first room and the object is persistent, so it stays in every room in the game.


Was just about to buy this but then I realised it is part of your post-process pack so I bought that instead :)

Thanks! Hope you like it! :D