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A downloadable asset pack for Windows

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With this incredible platform engine, you will be able to make your own game without changing almost anything and at the same time having control of everything! Everything is very easy to customize, just change numbers or sprites and voila!

Works on all platforms! [Game Maker Studio 2]

  • Pixel Perfect Camera: Don't stress anymore trying to make the game look good on all screens, as this engine does everything for you! (Choose between smooth and fixed camera) Camera shake effect included. You can change the focus of the camera just by setting the variable for any object.
  • Pixel Perfect Collisions System: Just a solid and stretchable object that the engine does the rest of, nothing to put block by block and end the memory, anything can be used to collide.
  • State Machine: The player changes action in a simple way using enumerators.
  • One Way Platform: Jump underneath the platforms.
  • Water Shader with Physics: Any sprite can be used as water that the shader does the rest, just make simple adjustments. (You can control the brightness, saturation, contrast and color of the water!)
  • Menu with Volume Sliders: You can change the volume of the music and sound effects.
  • Parallax Background: Do you know that feeling of depth? That's right.
  • Dialog Boxes: As easy as creating a variable, I'm talking about just writing the text directly on the object in the room editor! The text fits perfectly without extra words appearing at the end, it is possible to skip the text animation.
  • Throw Bombs: You have the power to drop bombs to kill and destroy everything in front of you!
  • Slopes: You can create any type of uneven terrain that the collision system does its job (angle limitation up to 45 degrees)
  • Wall Jump: Climb and jump walls as you slide!
  • Wall climb: Climb ladders and grab onto railings and walk freely, creating a much more interesting experience!
  • Moving Platforms: Both horizontal and vertical, there are no collision problems, they work perfectly with pixels.
  • Lives and Coins: Scores like coins and lives that any game needs to have!
  • Power ups: Comes with two types of power ups, bombs and lives, you can add as many as you want without having to duplicate objects, just copy and paste one line of code!
  • Spring: Jump, hold up to jump higher!
  • Flexible Keyboard Map: All key events are stored in variables to be able to map in a simple way.
  • Save and Load System: No loss of progress, save the score, lives and anything else in a simple way!
  • Pause: You can pause the entire game at any time, and all sounds also pause!
  • Game Over: If you lose all lives, you will be returned to the menu.
  • Transitions: With a shader, you can create a transition between rooms however you want.
  • Flag: Take it and go to the next level.
  • Custom Font: Includes a custom font that can be replaced.
  • 6 Enemies:
    • Pterodactyl: Move smoothly left and right while looking at the player, step on top to kill him.
    • Fish: He stays in the water, just go over that he jumps high in random positions, you can kill with bombs.
    • Slug: While walking, if he notice that the player is approaching, he starts facing and start throwing his disgusting slime towards the player! If you step on top, it curls up in the shell and it is possible to kick it and if it is stopped for a while, it will return to normal.
    • Spiky: Walk left and right, sometimes jump and you can only kill with bombs.
    • Dinosaur: Walk left and right, stepping on top will flatten he out.
    • Carnivorous Plant: Look in your direction, if you get close it switch to attack position.
  • Various particles such as smoke when walking, slipping and explosions.
  • YYC Compatible.
  • All codes are commented by parts and are very easy to handle.
  • Includes sound effects and 8-bit music.
  • All sprites, audio and codes can be used in commercial games, BUT, you cannot resell this source code itself even if modified.
  • Credit is appreciated, but not mandatory. (Kazan Games :D)
  • Everything is in a .yyz file, just open it with Game Maker Studio 2.

New updates will come. Devlog.

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Thank you so much.


Buy Now
On Sale!
20% Off
$14.39 $11.51 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $11.51 USD. You will get access to the following files:

FoxeyPlatform_v1.0.1.yyz 6 MB

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Hey all!

Version 1.1 will come soon and many features have been added and fixed, stay tuned!